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Infidelity Counseling

Beyond Betrayal

An Infidelity Counseling Group for the Betrayed Spouse

Are you struggling to rebuild trust after an affair? Are you plagued by intrusive thoughts about it? Do you struggle with rage or painful nightmares? Perhaps you are struggling to believe anything that comes out of your spouse’s mouth. Are you curious about infidelity counseling? This group is for those who have been betrayed by an extramarital affair who want help dealing with the intense emotions that have followed and that may be getting in the way of affair recovery. This group will be your safe place to say exactly what you feel to people who really understand.

Forming Now for the Denver Office

12:30 to 2 Mondays

Cost $50/session; Limit 8

led by Miriam Bellamy, LMFT

Call today to schedule your initial interview free of charge

Below are 5 important gains you can expect from this group:

  • Greater sense of you-are-not-alone in your pain
  • Meaningful tools for coping with infidelity
  • Help to answer the question: Can my marriage survive the affair?
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved resilience in the face of marital infidelity

I think I’d like to join the group but have a few questions.

What if I get in the group and find it is not for me? How long of a commitment do I need to make?

After we meet for a private consultation (free of charge), I will ask for an initial 6-week commitment to the group (pre-paid and nonrefundable) so you can be sure it is right for you. If you are finding the group helpful then I will ask for a 6-month commitment. You can leave the group at any time with 2-session notice.

How many people will be in the group? Will there be both men and women?

There is a max of 8 group members. Both men and women are welcome to join the group. Only betrayed spouses allowed.

What about confidentiality?

I take your privacy very seriously, and so do group members. We use only first names unless otherwise decided. It is a personal choice. In addition, it is required by law that each person joining a psychotherapy group keep what they hear to themselves. It is essential to the safety and efficacy of the group. Any breach of confidentiality is serious and may result in expulsion from the group. In many years of running private therapy groups I have never had a breach of confidentiality.

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